No to WTO and Free Trade Agreements

Indian farmers' groups write an open letter to Roberto Azevedo, Director General, WTO

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_stories_delhi_action_delhi_action.JPG006.jpgDirector General of World Trade Organisation (WTO), Roberto Azevedo, is in Delhi, on 8-9th of February 2017. Indian farmers's groups have written an open letter citing numerous instances of violations of their rights brought about by ujnust policies of the trade body. Here is the full text:

Dear Mr. Azevedo,

On the occasion of your visit to India, we are sending this letter on behalf of the major farmers’ organisations of India to express our deep frustration and concerns about the way agricultural negotiations have been moving at the WTO. Together, we represent the largest farmer’s alliance spread across the country. India, as you know is a nation that still depends heavily on its agriculture sector with 800 million dependent on agriculture who feed a population of over 1 billion.

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Peasants’ Union (SPI) calls upon Indonesian government to reject WTO and FTAs, after WTO panel rules in favor of US and NZ.

2017-01-31 No to WTO small.jpgJAKARTA: In December 2016, a WTO panel reviewing the trade restrictions placed by the Indonesian government on horticultural products, animals and animal products, have passed a ruling in favor of the complainants United States and New Zealand, thus removing the trade barrier set up by Indonesia to defend its peasants from cheap imports.  

Denouncing the ruling, Henry Saragih, General Chairperson of Indonesian Peasant’s Union and member of ICC (International Coordination Committee) of  La Via Campesina, has warned that this would hamper the efforts of the Indonesian government to strengthen and develop self-sufficiency in food and meat production.

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CETA is a bad deal for Romanian peasants and agroecological food producers!

2016-10-18-No-CETA.jpgCluj, 17/10/2016 – Between the 26th and 30th of October, 2016, Eco Ruralis will join together in Cluj-Napoca, Romania with hundreds of farmers, fishers, pastoralists, indigenous peoples, consumers, NGOs, trade unions, environmental, development, research and justice/solidarity/human rights organizations, community-based food movements and others who work on food sovereignty from the entire pan-European area of 42 countries. Our main purpose? The 2nd European Forum on Food Sovereignty – Nyeleni, where we will enhance existing food sovereignty initiatives and strengthen our work at local, national, regional and global levels.

While we struggle to build fair agricultural and food systems in Romania, European and Romanian decision makers seem ready to give up on healthy and local food production for the benefit of multinational corporations and disastrous economic free trade agreements (FTAs).

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After French MP and CETA critic denied entry, NFU asks "Is freedom of speech the victim of free trade?"

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_2015-10-15_NFU.pngMedia Release

(Montreal, October 12, 2016) -  On October 11, 2016, French farmer José Bové, who is a Member of the European Parliament and an outspoken critic of the Canada European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), was denied entry into Canada at the Montreal airport. No explanation for his detention has been given. The Council of Canadians had invited Bové to speak about the trade deal's implications for agriculture. At the same event, Jan Slomp, President of the National Farmers Union (NFU) was to share his critique of CETA and call for an alternative approach to trade that would see economic prosperity generated from the grassroots up.

"We are deeply concerned that an elected representative of the European Parliament has been denied access to Canada, and thus denied the opportunity to express his opinion about the flaws in CETA," said Slomp. "A strong democracy allows all information to be shared and all opinions to be heard. What is there in CETA that the authorities need to hide? Is freedom of speech now being sacrificed on the altar of free trade?"

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RIPESS supports International Day Against WTO and Free Trade Agreements

2016-09-20-RIPESS.jpgRIPESS Press Release, 10th September, Montreal

The ‎Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of Social Solidarity Economy (RIPESS) supports the International Day Against WTO and Free Trade Agreements as called for by the international peasants movement Via Campesina. RIPESS reaffirms our commitment to opposing on-going global free trade agreements such as, but not limited to, CETA, TTIP, TPP, TISA and RCEP.

We, as a network of practitioners and promoters of social solidarity economy are deeply concerned by the grave impacts that these trade pacts have on the erosion of democracy, human rights, the environment and food‎ sovereignty at both local and global levels.

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Demonstration anti-TTIP/CETA the 20.09: peasant movement calls to mobilize

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_2016-09-16-TTIP-DEMO1.jpgLe MAP, Fugea and ECVC Press Release

Brussels, 15th of  September 2016

The European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC), the Fédération Unie de Groupements d’Eleveurs et d’Agriculteurs (FUGEA) and the Mouvement d’Action Paysanne (MAP) are calling on all citizens to demonstrate against the free-trade agreements TTIP and CETA. The rally starts at 17h00 on Tuesday, September 20th, in the European quarter. The agriculture and food block, lead by the d19-20 alliance, will be the last of the parade. Participants will meet in advance at 16h30 at the corner of Rue de la Loi/Rue du Commerce.

The free-trade agreements would have catastrophic consequences on both sides of the Atlantic, at an environmental level as well as on a social one. The content of both TTIP and CETA is anti-democratic and an unprecedented threat to the fundamental right to food.

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'TTIP Stalls, WTO and FTAs Must Fall' | Press Release: International Day Against WTO and FTAs

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_2016-09-08_Sept_10_PR.pngOn September the 10th, the International Day of Action Against WTO, La Via Campesina, the International Peasant Movement that brings together over 200 million peasants from 164 member organisations in 73 countries, commemorates the death of Lee Kyung Hae and continues to struggle to END WTO.

Last year in Kenya, Nairobi at the 10th WTO ministerial meeting trade negotiations had to be rescued on the last hour to save face as WTO sought to reinvent and seek legitimacy in Africa. WTO members held their first informal meeting of agriculture negotiations post the Nairobi meeting on 8 March this year to discuss the way forward on agriculture talks. We must increasingly mobilise to END WTO and to leave agriculture out of the WTO as they prepare for the 11th ministerial meeting in 2017.

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