Declaration of solidarity with peasants, men and women and first nations peoples of Honduras, Guatemala and Panama

Resolution adopted on June 12, 2013 by VI International Conference of la Via Campesina


The delegates, men and women,  from  88 countries across the world of 183 peasant organizations  affiliated with the Via Campesina International  an form the Continents of Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia, in  the context of the 6th International Conference taking place between June 6th and June 13th of current year in  Jakarta, Indonesia DECLARE their  full  solidarity  with the peoples of Honduras Guatemala and Panama and especially with the peasants, men and women  peasants, and in particular with those who are first nations peoples and afro-decedents in their struggle for mother earth, their territories, water, seeds and food sovereignty.

Given the wave of mass murders, persecution, threats, imprisonment of thousands of peasants, first nations peoples and Afro-descendants at the hands of transnational corporations, local oligarchies and governments that serve the interests of capital, we condemn and denounce before the national and international human rights organizations, and the world, the permanent violation of economic, social and cultural rights of these peoples.

We demand an urgent investigation and condemnation of the governments of Panama, Guatemala and Honduras for being responsible for the genocide of these peoples, especially in the Lower Aguan Valley in Honduras, Polochic in Guatemala and the communities of Columbus, and Veraguaz the region of Nobe Bugle in Panama.

Furthermore this conference urgently invites the Rapporteur-General of the United Nations for the Right to Food to visit Honduras, Guatemala and Panama, and to report back to the plenary of the United Nations in an effort to stop the massacres, persecution and threats against peasants, men and women, indigenous peoples and Afro-descendants in these countries.

All the delegates of the Sixth Conference of peasants support the people of Honduras, Guatemala and Panama to exercise their full rights to self-determination, peace and the reconstruction of their own countries. 

Jakarta, Indonesia, 12th of June of 2013