Brazil: MPA holds a historic peasant congress to build food sovereignty


More than 4 thousands people, from all Brazilian States, have left their homes and farms to join caravans from different regions of the country towards Sao Paulo, to attend the First National Peasants Congress of MPA, the Small-Farmers Movement of Brazil, member of La Via Campesina. The symbolic Pavilion of Vera Cruz, the same place where the biggest trade union in Brazil, the CUT, and the Workers Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores) were founded, decades ago.

MPA has mobilised thousands of rural women and men to come together and consolidate all the work the movement has been doing in the last 20 years and reaffirm their class identity as peasants. MPA is re-affirming at this congress the strategic alliance between rural peasants and urban workers.

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Palestine : UAWC concludes strengthening Community Resilience Project

UAWCresilienceprojectsc.jpg(Gaza, 31 of August 2015) - the Union of Agricultural Work Committees concluded "Strengthening Community Resilience In Gaza Strip" project, which is funded by the Australian government through the Australian Agency for International Development initiative. The finishing ceremony was organized by UAWC with a presence of representatives of the World Vision Foundation to honor 36 members of the fishing committees.

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Brazil : I am gay. I am lesbian. I am transsexual. I am bisexual; I am Landless. I am human. I am like you

Report from the seminar “The MST and Sexual Diversity”

(Guararema, August 11th of 2015) The MST is organising the seminar “The MST and Sexual Diversity” in the belief that the incorporation of identity struggles is also part of the Movement’s maturing process.

Soy gay MSTsc.jpgIt is not necessary to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transvestite, transsexual, or heterosexual in order to believe that love is free and pluralistic, that loving is a basic right, and that no one should suffer for wishing to love. It was on the basis of this premise that the seminar “the MST and Sexual Diversity” was held at the Florestan Fernandes National School (ENFF) in Guararema, São Paul on August 7th, 8th, and 9th.

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United States : Black US Farmers, Honduran Afro-Indigenous Share Food Sovereignty Prize

Press release from National Family Farm Coalition, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, US Food Sovereignty Alliance

benburketsc.jpg(Des Moines, Iowa, United States – September 1, 2015) In this moment when it is vital to assert that Black lives matter, the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance honors Black and Afro-Indigenous farmers, fishermen, and stewards of ancestral lands and water. We especially commemorate them as a vital part of our food and agriculture system – growers and workers who are creating food sovereignty, meaning a world with healthy, ecologically produced food, and democratic control over food systems.

In 2015, the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance’s two prize winners are: the Federation of Southern Cooperatives in the U.S., and the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras. The prizes will be presented in Des Moines on October 14, 2015.

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