During the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal, in February 2011, social movements, organizations of small food producers and other CSOs released a collective appeal against land grabbing. Over 650 organizations have already endorsed it. If your organization has not signed on yet and would also like to support this appeal, please do so before 7 October 2011.

The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) based in Rome at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is currently negotiating Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests. These Guidelines are supposed to protect and strengthen the access to land, fisheries and forests of small food producers. Unfortunately some powerful governments, with the support of International Financial Institutions, are reluctant to adopt strong Guidelines. They prefer a system of governance that facilitates the take-over of people's natural resources by corporate investors and other powerful actors.

Peasants affected by land grabbing will hand over the Dakar Appeal, together with the names of organizations endorsing it, to governments during the negotiations on the Guidelines in Rome from 10-14 October.

This mobilization will also contribute to pressure governments to definitively reject the World Bank-driven Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investment (RAI).

Land grabbing has to be stopped, it cannot be made "responsible"!

Please read and sign the petition here:

LPM announces direct actions to reclaim land and social justice

Media release

(Johannesburg, 16th September 2011) - The Landless People´s Movement of South Africa, a social movement of rural people and people living in shack settlements in cities, announces the revival of the mass struggle for land and agrarian reform, after a moment of apparent silence.

The movement announced this intention in a press conference held in Johannesburg on the 16th September.

As the situation of rural and urban poor and the state of land and agrarian reform is not showing significant changes in South Africa, LPM decides to carry out direct and concrete actions in order to reclaim land and social justice.

According to Africa Mthombeni, LPM chairperson, in the last years the movement has seen massive poverty both in rural and urban areas, as the redistribution of wealth and public resource has been made unfairly, benefiting few people in South Africa.

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Revival of the mass struggle for land and agrarian reform in South Africa



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The Landless Peoples Movement which is the organization of people who have borne the brunt of apartheid, forced removals from the fields and homes, noted that since the election of democratic government two decades ago, less had been done to overhaul land and agrarian reform in South Africa.

To date: Poverty on rural areas has increased dramatically and conditions of farm workers are day-by-day becoming worse than ever.

Fewer hectares that are redistributed are not answers to our food production since they are unproductive, no water, no fencing, broken windmills and they are poisoned by excess use of chemical fertilizers.

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Conférence internationale: « Stop Land Grabbing » 17th - 20th November 2011 in Nyeleni/Mali

The earth, the water and natural resources which should be inalienable common goods are at stake in world economic issues. The way they are currently distributed and managed is a threat to the future of peoples, our alimentation and the planet.

Over 45 million hectares are already the object of transactions either final or ongoing, most often in the utmost opacity and regardless of farmers communities, cattle farmers, fishermen and indigenous populations. Africa itself is being dispossessed of 30 millions when food insecurity is rife. Social cohesion, food sovereignty acted by some african countries and even the State sovereignty itself is being questionned: over 10 million hectares in Mozambique, 300 000 hectares in between hands of a sole indian investor in Ethiopia and over 750 000 ha in Mali...

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