In Defense of Food Sovereignty: Stop Water Grabbing!

Declaration of La Via Campesina in the Alternative World Water Forum


We, as peasants’ and farmers’ organizations from countries all over the world, members of La Via Campesina, met between the 12th and 17th of March 2012, for the Alternative World Water Forum in Marseille, France. Among others, the testimonies from Turkish, Brazilian, Bangladesh, Madagascar, Portugal, Italy, French, and Mexican delegates gave voice to the distress of “environmental victims”, making known the plight of people affected by dam construction, by the shale gas and mining industries, by the grabbing, commodification, scarcity and widespread pollution of water, and by the repression and murder of activists who are defending water.

We demand that the right “of” and “to” water should be respected within the framework of food sovereignty. The right “of” water means continuous respect for the entire water cycle.

We state that the privatization and commodification of water and of any other common good (land, seeds, knowledge, etc.) are crimes against the planet and against humanity. Large-scale dams and hydro-electric projects grab and sequester water, taking no account of the needs, traditional practices and opinions of local communities, and totally disregarding the protection of ecosystems.

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La Via Campesina at World Water Forum FAME RALLY

(Marseille march 2012)


The Voluntary Guidelines on the Tenure of Land Fisheries and Forests are complete

CSO Press release

(Rome, 13/03/2012) Last Friday, 9th of March in the evening, the Committee on Word Food Security (CFS) completed the intergovernmental negotiations of the FAO Voluntary Guidelines on theTenure of Land Fisheries and Forests in the context of National Food Security. With the successful completion of these negotiations after a participatory process lasting nearly 3 years, the CFS has shown clearly that it has the capacity to bring a wide variety of social actors to the debate and to seek solutions to one of the most difficult and delicate issues we face today, that of access to natural resources for food production/provision. More than 45 persons representing 20 civil society organizations attended the final round of negotiations.

The Guidelines contain valuable points that will provide backing to organizations in their long struggle to ensure the care and use of Resources and Natural Goods in order to produce more nourishing food, so helping to eliminate hunger from the world by addressing its root causes.Ensuring access to land, fisheries and forests is absolutely vital, not just to enable small food producers to nourish the world. Access to natural resources is a question of dignity and a matter of life and death for millions of peasant communities, pastoralists, indigenous Peoples and fisher folk. In many parts of the world, land-grabbing causes great suffering by displacing people and communities and destroying and confiscating their lands, further increasing the incidence of violent conflicts.

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Stop Water Grabbing!

(Marseille, March 11th 2012)

La Via Campesina Media Advisory

Representatives of small-scale farmers and family farmers member of La Via Campesina from Madagascar, Mali, Bangladesh, Mexico and several European countries will come to Marseille, France from March 12th to 17th. They will share their experiences on the struggle to defend small-scale farmers right over water. They will also present their solutions on how to cope with the water crisis.

La Via Campesina sees the water crisis in the world as a direct result of water grabbing by transnational corporations, such as bottling water corporations, tap water corporations, and large-scale agribusiness corporations. Their main objective is to take bigger profit by grabbing the rights of small-scale farmers and ordinary people over water for drinking and farming. Industrial agriculture model with the monoculture plantation, high chemical pesticide and synthetic fertilizers has been worsening the water crisis.

It is totally a failure to expect any solutions on water crisis from those corporations.

The farmer delegates of La Via Campesina in Marseille bring their concrete and genuine solutions to the water crisis that base on the agrarian reform, food sovereignty and agro-ecology. They will also actively take part in the alternative forum “FAME” with other social movements.

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