Eastern Germany : 'Land grabbing' pushes up prices

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_stories_agrarianreform_hands_off.jpg(January 26, 2014) Land prices in eastern Germany are rising at dizzying rates and local farmers feel they are being squeezed out by foreign investors in a phenomenon known as "land grabbing".

The price of a hectare of land has risen by 54 percent between 2009 and 2012 in Brandenburg state and by 79 percent in neighbouring Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, even if prices remain below those in the west of the country -- at least for now.

The rural east of Germany has vast swathes of arable land inherited from communist times, when farming was in the hands of huge collectives, known as LPGs.

But today the land is increasingly being snapped up by foreign investors, often with no background or interest in farming, pushing prices up and forcing out locals.

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France : Everyone to Nantes on February 22nd

Call out for a march from the anti-airport groups.


b_350_0_16777215_00_images_stories_agrarianreform_manif_22_fevrier_2014.jpgThe french state and those defending the project of the airport of Notre Dame des Landes threaten to come back in force all over again. They presume they will begin the destruction of protected species and the construction of the airport in the coming months. A new wave of evictions could arise. We won’t let is happen! The construction will not begin! The movement on the ground is even more alive than last autumn of 2012, the connections are stronger, the fields more cultivated and the houses more numerous. Even more, over 200 local committees have been created, in solidarity with the struggle and to bring the fight to where they live, spreading it everywhere.

We call on all the anti-airport forces to join for the march in Nantes on February 22nd to show them that it’s no way that they touch to this countryside.

Brazil: The time for the Peoples’ Land Reform

VI MST National Congress : February 10 to 14, 2014.

congreso MST1.jpg(MST from the initials in Portuguese ‘’Movimento dos Trabalhdores Rurais Sem Terra’’)

(Brazilia, January 17, 2014) We arrived to our VI National Congress as the Landless Workers' Movement (MST). We arrived after more than two years of studies, debates, reunions, assemblies and discussions carried out by our grassroots organizations and representatives from all over Brazil. 

We are celebrating our 30th anniversary, making us the oldest peasant movement in the history of Brazil. 

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Mozambique's ProSavana programme – "Open your eyes, you'll lose your land," warns a Brazilian ‘sem-terra’


One of the central figures of the Brazilian ‘sem-terra’ (landless) movement, Augusto Juncal, was in Maputo as a ‘heavyweight reinforcement’ for the campaign by Mozambican small-scale farmers against ProSavana. Juncal left the warning: "Open your eyes, you'll lose the land".

ProSavana, an agricultural development programme by the governments of Mozambique, Brazil and Japan – which is still in the initial stage of implementation in the centre and north of Mozambique – is being challenged by the União Nacional dos Camponeses de Moçambique (UNAC - National Union of Small-scale Farmers of Mozambique), the largest organisation of its type in the country.

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