A G8 on agriculture without farmers = more hunger and poverty

Press release - Via Campesina

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(Treviso, 21 April 2009) The first G8 on Agriculture which ended yesterday in Cison di Valmarino produced a final declaration which not only admits its own failures in the past, but previews a future full of contradictions. The G8 will never be able to alleviate hunger in the world by making its decisions behind closed doors, in the absence of the main actors in the global debate on agriculture – the millions of peasants and family farmers, women and men, who feed the world.

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The G8 should clean up their own mess instead of dictating to poor countries what to do


Position Paper - Via Campesina - 17 April 2009

On the 18-21st of April 2009 the governments of the G8 countries will come together in Treviso – Italy for their first meeting on agriculture. The agenda will focus on food security and how the agricultural sector could contribute to a revival of the economy. Besides technical issues, the Doha round, Global Partnership, FAO reform, agro fuels and climate change will also be discussed.

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Agricultural – G8: It is not for rich countries to decide the agricultural policies of the poor!

Media Advisory / La Via Campesina – AIAB

(Brussels/Rome April 15, 2009) La Via Campesina will be mobilising against the meeting of the Agricultural ministers of the G8 in Treviso in Italy from the 17th to 20th of April. The G8, as well as representatives of China, India, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Egypt will be meeting to discuss “technical” issues related to hunger and the food crisis internationally.

La Via Campesina is an International movemnent of peasant farmers with more than 200 million members worldwide, many of whom have been victims of the neo-liberal policies promoted by the G8 in the past. With the financial crisis these policies have been shown to be inefficient, and neo-liberalism to be an ideology which has failed to alleviate hunger and protect the rights of peasants across the globe.

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EU Dairy Policy: We don't want to produce more for earning less

European coordination Via Campesina

To avoid a social catastrophe in rural areas, the European milk quota should be decreased and improvements be made to the distribution of production. Export subsidies should be halted, and more autonomous modes of production should be developed.

« We won’t pay for your crisis »

The European milk market is saturated today because of the decisions taken by the EU since 2003. The producers sell their milk at price below the costs of production and the weakest will disappear if the EU does not change its policy. The re-establishment of export subsidies reinforces inadmissible dumping regarding third countries which never really stopped1.

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