ASEAN People's Forum: Food sovereignty and agrarian reform to solve crises

Report from La Via Campesina workshop

BANGKOK, Feb 21 – Years of poor land use and trade policies have created serious problems for farmers and peasants throughout Asia and the world, and underscored the need for more food sovereignty, activists said today.

Over 70 people, including many farmers from Southeast Asia, gathered to talk about food sovereignty and agrarian reform as the solutions to the food, fuel, financial and climate crises in a workshop at the ASEAN People's Forum.

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International food summit in Madrid: Time to change European Agricultural Policy

Press Release, European Coordination Via Campesina

The crisis in world agriculture also a serious issue in Europe – it is time to change European Agricultural policy in favour of a sustainable family farming and a living rural environment.

While the food price crisis affects people internationally, in Europe three family  farms disappear every minute.

Proposals by the World Bank, G8, international corporations such as Monsanto and international foundations the High Level Conference on Food Security in Madrid last week focused  on profiting from a desperate crisis which affects more than 1 billion people internationally. 

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Surprise ending in Madrid! No consensus on a G8 driven partnership... for now

Final declaration of farmers and civil society organisations at High Level Meeting on Food Security, 27 January 2009

As representatives of peasant farmers and other small scale food producers, together with organisations that support them(*), we want to express the following:

1. We gathered in Madrid with low expectations. We were extremely unhappy with the process and the contents of this conference. Although WE are the ones who produce most of the world’s food, we had not been offered a serious space to give our opinion on what should be done, either in the preparatory process or in the conference programme itself.

2. As a consequence, the meeting was not focussed on the crucial question of how to solve the dramatic food crisis that we are facing, but rather on a discussion by donors about how to spend their money. Without serious questioning the real structural causes behind the food crisis, any discussion about more or less aid money targets symptoms rather than addressing the real issues.

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Farmers and Social Movements call for a fundamental restructuring of the global food system

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Press release 

The alternative exists: food sovereignty –where every state has the right to define its own agricultural policy – all that is needed is the political will to implement it

The High Level Conference on Food Security in Madrid on the 26th and 27th of January excludes the main stakeholders in the debate on the food crisis from meaningful participation. It is a forum dominated by the World Bank, IMF and WTO, as well as transnational companies such as Monsanto, and it is an outrage that they are given space on the panels of discussion while representatives of small farmers - who produce 80% of the world's food – are left only a few minutes on the floor to give their position.

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