Indian farmers address the prime minister

Indian Coordination Committee of Farmers’ Movement

Dear Shri Manmohan Singh ji,

Thousands of farmers, representing Bhartiya Kisan Union and other farmer unions affiliated to the Indian Coordination Committee of Farmers’ Movement (ICCFM), organised a massive demonstration in Delhi today protesting against “pro-corporate and anti farmer Budget of 2010-11” by the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government under your leadership. The farmers are also agitated over the faulty agrarian policies by your government causing extreme hardship to Indian farmers and exacerbating agrarian crisis in the country.

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Towards a Common Agriculture and Food Policy 2013 within a food sovereignty framework


1. Meeting European and global challenges
2009 has demonstrated the scale of the difficulties confronting European farmers. Milk is not the only sector undergoing a crisis, and agricultural incomes are falling almost everywhere. The current CAP as well as the WTO framework on which it is based have shown their inability to resolve problems; on the contrary, they have aggravated them: the number of farms is in steep decline, unemployment is rising rapidly, over one billion people are suffering from hunger, our planet is suffering from global warming, biodiversity is being lost, and there is a rapid increase in the health costs of the dominant modes of production and consumption.

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Farmer's Forum: Producing food for our communities

Henry Saragih speech at the opening of the IFAD - Farmer's Forum, Rome 15 February 2010

Distinguished President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development

Distinguished Excutive Board of IFAD an all IFAD staff

Dear Participants to Farmers Forum,

I'm here today in the name of La Via Campesina as a representative of smallscale farmers, indigenous people, landless people, women and rural workers from 9 regions of the world.

The Farmers Forum of this year takes place in a crucial moment for humanity, The big failure in food, climate and financial crises our people have been facing for years has aggravated during the last two years. More farmers have been displaced, more people are suffering hunger, more rural communities are in ruins. We have now more landlessness, women and youth are unable to access land, the number of people who leave their communities is growing. At the same time we see the expansion of agrofuels and monoculture projects and the power of corporate transnationals over food systems is growing around the world. It's not acceptable that during the current crisis, the price of food continues to increase, more people are unable to afford food and the corporations continue to make excessive profits.

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G8 countries show total lack of political will to address the global food crisis

Press Release - La Via Campesina

(Rome, 18 November 2009) The blatant absence of the heads of states of the G8 countries in the World Food Summit, held in Rome from 16 to 18th of November was one of the key causes of the total failure of this summit. There were no concrete measures taken to eradicate hunger, to stop food speculation or to stop the expansion of agrofuels. There were no measures to stop the devastating effects of corporate agriculture or to support domestic peasant based food production.


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