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2009 Food Sovereignty Prize for La Vía Campesina

Within the framework of the annual Conference of the Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC) held in Des Moines, Iowa, October 10th to 13th, La Via Campesina received the 2009 Food Sovereignty Prize for its relentless struggle for Food Sovereignty for people of the world and against the disastrous neoliberal system of industrial agriculture.

In front of hundreds of delegates from the United States and other countries, Dena Hoff from the North American region and Edgardo García from the Central American region were awarded the prize. Introducing the prize, Molly Anderson President of CFSC, highlighted the international leadership of La Via Campesina in the movement that aims at creating a more democratic food system to solve the growing problem of hunger in the planet.

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High Level Expert Forum – How to Feed the World in 2050 : High Hopes– No Consensus

CSO Statement

(Rome, 14 October 2009) The high level forum convened in Rome by FAO on 12‐13 October offered a potential space for debate on one of the oldest and most critical issues of our time – but it overlooked many of the key questions and did not achieve consensus on solutions. 

FAO tried a new style of engagement, bringing together a wide range of expertise in an interdisciplinary forum, in the preparatory process leading the World Summit on Food Security (16‐18 November). It is not surprising that such a gathering was only able to put some of the complex issues on the table in the few hours they had available and it started off on the wrong track.

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Dairy crisis: European Coordination Via Campesina supports the producers' strike


Brussels, Thursday September 10th, 2009
The dairy crisis continues to worsen in the European Union. The inertia and absence of political will of governments and the European commission generate anger and despair among producers1. In this context, a milk strike has been launched today in France by the European Milk Board.  

European Coordination Via Campesina supports and will support the producers in their strike. 

  • It calls farmers organizations to blocking dairies, dried milk factories, as well as storage centres for milk powder (to prevent the strike being broken by selling excess stock)
  • It calls consumers to support producers in claiming a farm gate price for milk which recognizes the value of their work and for a limit to be put on the margins between production and consumer prices.
  • It calls on taxpayers to refuse that the EU budget be used to export dairy products at prices below production costs (dumping) - which ruin local dairy production in Southern countries.

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Mini ministerial in Delhi: Letter to the trade ministers


To all Ministers invited to the next mini•ministerial in New Delhi,
copy To Mr Pascal Lamy – General Director of WTO
copy to Ambassador David Walker, Chairman of the Special Session of Committee on Agriculture.

La Via Campesina, an International movement of peasants, small and medium-size farmers, landless, rural women, indegenous people, rural youth and agricultural workers, would like to deliver a message from the grassroots to the mini-ministerial meeting that will be held in New Delhi on September 3-4.

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