Haiti: National protest for Food Sovereignty


A dozen of farmers organisations en Haiti gathered on December 12, 2008 for a mass protest in the capital city Puerto Principe as part of a national campaign for Food Sovereignty. More on the Via Campesina Spanish and French Pages.

Stop liberalization of food, implement agrarian reform to achieve food sovereignty!

Workshop on Food Sovereignty during the AEPF 7

A tough debate happens during the food sovereignty workshop in Asian – European People forum (AEPF7) in Beijing, China, October 15, 2008. The debate between the speaker from the China association of agricultural sciences (CAAS) with speakers from La via Campesina and FIAN International persevere about civil society position towards the UN comprehensive framework of action (CFA) on food crisis.

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Building a European movement for food sovereignty

"Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems. It puts the aspirations and needs of those who produce, distribute and consume food at the heart of food systems and policies rather than the demands of markets and corporations." Nyeleni Declaration, February 2007

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FAO reform: power struggle may lead to FAO marginalisation

Press Release

In the intergovernmental discussions on the FAO reform that take place in the run up to the next FAO Conference in November this year, some
governments are pushing to reduce the mandate of FAO and to skip any reference to fundamental human rights. Beside this, according to  inside
sources, major donors are pushing FAO to stop managing projects in developing countries. They propose to divert those funds towards a
separate so called “trust fund” where donors directly decide which country will receive funds and for what purpose.

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