Our Food, Our Future, Our Urgent Calls

We, seventy ( 70) representatives of organizations of small farmers, fisherfolk, indigenous peoples, rural women, pastoralists, youth, cooperatives, and NGOs from Asian Civil Society met from September 27-28 for the CSO parallel consultation to the 30th FAO-Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Gyeongju, Korea. We discussed the critical issues affecting global food security namely: climate change adaptation and mitigation, land grabbing and food sovereignty, trade and investment, global food and financial crises, and agriculture and food governance.


In the last years, manifold crises have afflicted the world. The financial crisis caused the closure of banks and many financial institutions. The food crisis resulted from the destruction of food systems through neo-liberal reforms in poor countries. Food prices remain high, and now, 1 billion people are hungry and malnourished with more than 700 million found in Asia. A climate crisis is upon us due to unsustainable industrial and agricultural policies. These crises are fundamentally linked to neo-liberal globalization triggered by oligopolistic capitalism. This is an intensification of cyclical forms of recession due to unsustainable development, chemical intensive agriculture, overproduction, and global speculative markets. In Asia’s rural areas, these policies and processes are destroying our food sovereignty, poisoning our land, common property and natural resources and driving small food producers to bankruptcy and loss of their land and livelihoods. The hardest hit and most vulnerable are developing countries that became net importers of food.


India: BKU Farmers protest all over Uttar Pradesh



Last week saw massive protests and direct actions by members of the farmers organisation BKU in various parts of Uttar Pradesh. On the 22nd and 21st of July BKU carried out dharna’s, road blocks, gherao's and panchayats at collectorate offices and other spaces in Fatehpur, Lukhnow, Bijnaur, Mirzapur, Ghaziabad, Muzzafarnagar and Amroha and Saharanpur all at the same time.

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Over one thousand European milk producers protest today during the session of the European Council of Agriculture Ministers

Press release -  European Milk Board  and European Coordination Via Campesina

The report of the High Level Group on Milk (HLGM) that will be discussed today by the European Council of Agriculture Ministers cannot solve the milk crisis. European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC) and European Milk Board (EMB) make one thing clear at their demonstration: fair prices for producers and supply management are needed. Representatives of development and environmental NGOs such as Oxfam Solidarity Belgique, Friends of the Earth Europe, Wervel, SOS Faim support their demands for fair prices for milk producers from North and South and a sustainable production.


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Statement from the People’s Movement Assembly on Food Sovereignty

US Social Forum, Detroit, 2010
Over a half-century ago, Mahatma Gandhi led a multitude of Indians to the sea to make salt—in defiance of the British Empire’s monopoly on this resource critical to people’s diet. The action catalyzed the fragmented movement for Indian independence and was the beginning of the end for Britain’s rule over India. The act of “making salt” has since been repeated many times in many forms by people’s movements seeking
liberation, justice and sovereignty: Cesar Chavez, Nelson Mandela, and the Zapatistas are just a few of the most prominent examples. Our food
movement— one that spans the globe—seeks food sovereignty from the monopolies that dominate our food systems with the complicity of our
governments. We are powerful, creative, committed and diverse. It is our time to make salt.

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