Via Campesina women protest against a Cargill ethanol plant in São Paulo

This morning, more than 900 women from Via Campesina occupied the Cevasa sugarmill in the region of Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo state. Cevasa is the largest sugarcane company in Brazil, and was recently sold to Cargill, one of the largest agricultural transnational corporations in the world.

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Women's Declaration on Food Sovereignty

We, women from more than 40 countries, from different indigenous peoples of Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania and from different sectors and social movements, have gathered together in Sélingué (Mali) at Nyéléni 2007 to participate in the creation of a new right: the right to food sovereignty. We reaffirm our will to act to change the capitalist and patriarchal world which puts the interests of the market before the rights of people.

Women, who throughout history have been the creators of knowledge about food and agriculture, who still produce up to 80% of the food in the world’s poorest countries and are today the principal guardians of biodiversity and agricultural seeds, are particularly affected by neo-liberal and sexist policies.

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Women Peasant study trip to the Philippines



End of August 2005, women peasants from South East Asia and East Asia met for a woman peasants training in Seoul hosted by the Korean Woman Peasant Association (KWPA). This meeting also helped the regional delegation to know better about KWPA activties as well as visiting farms in South Korea. The regional delegation consisted of FSPI Indonesia, NOUMINREN Japan, HASATIL Timor Leste, AOP Thailand, KMP Philippine, PARAGOS Philippine, KWPA South Korea and VNFU Vietnam. All of us were committed to strengthen woman peasant and create solidarity among us.

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Quisqueya declaration

International Human Rights Encounter and Gender Equality Commission Meeting La Vía Campesina
Sto. Domingo, Dominican Republic, 1-6 August 2005


We, peasant men and women representing different regions of the world attending the International Human Rights and Gender Equality Commission Meeting Via Campesina held at Juan Dolio (Dominican Republic) from the 1 to 6 August, 2005, united in a common commitment of struggle against capitalism and the patriarch system and reunited in a  spirit of solidarity, respect of the diversity and equality between all the people.

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