The First Zapatista Women's Encuentro: A Collective Voice Of Resistance

Just after midnight on January 1st, was the 14th anniversary of the Zapatista uprising, and the caracol of La Garrucha was alive with celebration. >From the top of a refurbished school bus we watched a mass of bodies dance to norteños below a vast sky littered with stars, and the occasional covering of fog that characterizes the mountains of the Mexican southeast.


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Report: Via Campesina seminar on feminism

Galicia, 18-21 October 2006

During this meeting, our basic objective was to place value on the meaning of equality, from a feminist perspective of women working in agriculture, and we want to demand and promote publicly at a global level that equality should become a reality.
Participating in this activity were women from all over the world affiliated with Via Campesina and feminists presenting basic feminist thinking. The first days were dedicated to feminist training as a way to approach the issue based on the concrete realities, to assess the advance of feminism for the fight for real equality.  The last days were dedicated to debating the circles of cooperation to advance women’s rights.

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Letter from the landless mothers

We talk to the children of the land from all nations. To those who weren't invited to the banquet. To those who waited in the lines of history for centuries. We will not be spectators of a film, waiting for the light to go off. It is time to believe in the possibility to win over pain.

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Press Release CPE-COAG


Today March 8th, international women day, CPE and COAG, members of Via Campesina, denounce the legal and economical insecurity the women farmers are facing in Europe.

The present European agricultural policy and the WTO threaten the farm income, and that  increases the precarity of the farmwork and impacts even worsely on women farmers.

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