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Feminisms, challenges and changes in Latinamerica

Feminism is plural, it has never responded to some single political line; it grew out of different situations, with matrices inherent to each context. It has multiple political points of reference that converge on one common point: the struggle against patriarchy, which is not only political or cultural, but rather a social system based on maintaining power relationships, founded on a complex of economic, political and social relations.

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Farmers repression in Rio Grande do Sul: Solidarity with the women defending life and biodiversity

We express our solidarity with the women of Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil in their action against green deserts.

On March 4th, around 900 women of Via Campesina Rio Grande do Sul occupied the 2.100 hectares “Fazenda Tarumã” in Rosário do Sul. The women cut the eucalyptus and planted native trees in a land illegally purchased by the giant Finish-Swedish paper and celluloses company Stora Enso. The police violently attacked the peaceful gathering, injuring badly as many as 50 women.

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If we can produce our food, then we are rich!

From February the 22nd to the 24th 2008, about one hundred women farmers from 16 countries from all over the world took part to the seminar organized by ÖBV-Via Campesina Austria on Food and Power (« Macht Essen », litteraly « Power Eat »).


In Austria, where farms are relatively small, women are very often responsible of the farm while the men work outside. It is the case in Johanna's farm that we visited on Friday. Johanna has about thirty dairy cows, as well as some pigs and hens, mainly for her own family consumption. She also has a small garden for vegetables. Her farm is organic, like 38% of all farms in the region, which makes it a very special place in Europe.

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Militants of the World March of Women and La Via Campesina

La Garrucha Declaration

Good afternoon to all the women participating in this first Encounter of Zapatista Women with Women of the World.

We women from different parts of the world, activists of the World March of Women and Via Campesina, in solidarity with the struggle of the Zapatista women, are very happy to be present at this event. Its international character, and the honesty with which our hosts have shared their experiences with us, permit the globalisation of women's struggles around the world and support to the Zapatista women and to the Zapatista movement in general.

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