Quisqueya declaration

International Human Rights Encounter and Gender Equality Commission Meeting La Vía Campesina
Sto. Domingo, Dominican Republic, 1-6 August 2005


We, peasant men and women representing different regions of the world attending the International Human Rights and Gender Equality Commission Meeting Via Campesina held at Juan Dolio (Dominican Republic) from the 1 to 6 August, 2005, united in a common commitment of struggle against capitalism and the patriarch system and reunited in a  spirit of solidarity, respect of the diversity and equality between all the people.

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Woman peasant say no to WTO and neoliberalism


La Via Campesina and Korean Woman Peasant Association organized the South East Asia and East Asia woman peasant leaders training from August 21th – 25th in Seoul, South Korea, participated by the woman peasant leaders from Thailand, Indonesia, Philippine, Japan, Timor Leste, Vietnam and South Korea. We shared the negative impact of WTO to woman peasant in each country and found that we are facing the same problems and have to fight against neo-liberalism and WTO has threaten woman peasant’s lives, we agreed to strengthening our solidarity in the international level.

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Gender : Via Campesina III Int. Conference

The radical changes that are occurring in the countryside are undermining the economies, cultures and the very lives of rural women all over the world. We, in the Via Campesina, understand that these threats to women, mothers and the Mother Earth must be analyzed and conscientiously, collectively confronted in order to shape a future that is filled with regenerative energy, justice and hope.

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