Declaration of South Asian Women of La Via Campesina


International Women’s Day, Kathmandu, Nepal, 8 March 2010

We the women of La Via Campesina’s South Asian peasant’s movements, namely, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and sisters from Indonesia and Korea, come together on this women’s day in Kathmandu, Nepal to reaffirm and demand the respects of our rights and the complete rejection of the patriarchal system.

We strongly reject the neo-liberal capitalist system based on violence and the marginalization of many for the profits of a few. This system is leading to the displacement of our communities from our lands, the privatization of our seeds, water, knowledge, resulting in loss of biodiversity and the militarization of our lands. Our struggles for our rights and justice are being repressed by neo-liberal forces and the government as their lackeys by the use of state security forces. This system is causing extreme hunger, poverty, and migration. The effect of this system on women is leading to their exploitation and trafficking. Women are facing immense burdens for the survival and well being of their families in the backdrop of marginalization, lack of rights and discrimination.

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Viacampesina celebrates the Women Day


Women farmers struggle against violence and agrobusiness (Brazil, MST)

Let's stop all forms of violence against women

25th of November: International Day against Gender Violence

On the occasion of the International day to eliminate violence against women, the European Coordination Via Campesina reasserts her commitment to this struggle and undertakes to do her bit from the rural environment.

In Europe, there has been a considerable progress made in legislative matters so far; however, we have not managed to bring this curse to an end yet, which causes thousands of women and young girls to suffer from male violence each year. There is still a long row to hoe.

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Against marginalizing food and agricultural system, proposal for food sovereignty

Women peasants rally commemorating the 2009 World Food Day, Indonesia

JAKARTA--About 100 women peasant member of Serikat Petani Indonesia (SPI) gathered at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout, Jakarta (16/10) commemorating the 2009 World Food Day. They were doing a peaceful rally by walking around the big fountain.


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