Declaration International Woman Peasant Assembly On Peasant Rights

Jakarta, 20 June 2008 

We, women peasants from Colombia, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Indonesia, Spain, Thailand, Malaysia and East Timor, gathered in Jakarta and discussed the women peasant situation in the world. 

The difficult situation in the villages and being landless forces women to go to the city and elsewhere abroad to look for jobs as low pay workers. There is poverty in the villages and women do not have enough income to feed the family, so hunger and malnutrition are increasing both in urban and rural areas. 

The responsibility of looking after the family is in the hands of women and the shortage and uncertainty of health care and education for the children make women work long hours for low wages.

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Final declaration of International Conference on Peasants' Rights

In the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we peasants demand our own convention 

Jakarta, 24 June 2008 

We, the delegates of the small farmers, women and men, of the International movement La Via Campesina, coming from 26 different countries attended from 20 to 24 of June 2008 the International Conference on Peasant Rights in Jakarta, Indonesia. After seven years of intense discussions on the content and strategies, our spirits are high and full of confidence that we will achieve a UN convention on peasant rights. This convention will be one cornerstone to sustainable life for all human beings in our planet.  

We peasants, women and men, landless people, agricultural workers, small –and medium-scale farmers, indigenous people and rural youth, represent almost half of the world population and are the backbone of the food systems. The food crisis shows us the massive and systematic violations of peasant rights. 

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Jakarta Conference: Farmers need a Convention on Peasant Rights!

From June 20-25 in Jakarta, Indonesia hundreds of farmers, men and women from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America are holding the International Conference on Farmers’ Rights, a campaign that emerged from an initiative of peoples to produce a Declaration of Farmers’ Rights as an extension of the Convention on Human Rights withint the United Nations system.

The objectives of the conference are to strengthen and develop a Declaration on Farmers’ Rights to serve as a tool to monitor violations of human rights particularly among the family farm population and to raise awareness in public opinion on Farmers’ Rights.

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The hidden face of the global food crisis: Massive farmers rights violations


(Jakarta, 21 June 2008) About 1000 small farmers of the International movement Via Campesina, men and women from 25 different countries and 12 Indonesian provinces gathered today in Jakarta to claim the right to farm their land, the right to eat and to feed their families and communities. They opened a five-day International Conference on Peasant Rights aiming
at attracting world attention to the fate of small producers. Peasants represent almost half of the world population and are the backbone of the food system. However, their rights are systematically violated.

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