Jakarta Conference: Farmers need a Convention on Peasant Rights!

From June 20-25 in Jakarta, Indonesia hundreds of farmers, men and women from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America are holding the International Conference on Farmers’ Rights, a campaign that emerged from an initiative of peoples to produce a Declaration of Farmers’ Rights as an extension of the Convention on Human Rights withint the United Nations system.

The objectives of the conference are to strengthen and develop a Declaration on Farmers’ Rights to serve as a tool to monitor violations of human rights particularly among the family farm population and to raise awareness in public opinion on Farmers’ Rights.

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The hidden face of the global food crisis: Massive farmers rights violations


(Jakarta, 21 June 2008) About 1000 small farmers of the International movement Via Campesina, men and women from 25 different countries and 12 Indonesian provinces gathered today in Jakarta to claim the right to farm their land, the right to eat and to feed their families and communities. They opened a five-day International Conference on Peasant Rights aiming
at attracting world attention to the fate of small producers. Peasants represent almost half of the world population and are the backbone of the food system. However, their rights are systematically violated.

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Background: La Via Campesina International Conference on Pesant Rights

Jakarta – June 19-25, 2008 - Right to Farm! Right to Feed! Right to Eat!

People living in rural areas still comprise almost half of the world’s population and constitute majorities in many nation-states. Most of the world’s poor are rural poor. Many of them are being increasingly and violently expelled from their lands and alienated from their sources of livelihood. Mega development projects such as large dams, infrastructure projects, extractive industry and tourism have forcibly displaced local populations, and destroyed their social fabric and the very resource bases on which their lives depend.
Peasant’s families, fisher and forest communities cannot earn an income which allows them to live in dignity. A mix of national policies and international framework conditions are responsible for being practically driven peasant and indigenous communities to extinction.  Noteworthy among these policies are the processes of de-regularization and privatization of land ownership which have led to a re-concentration of land ownership; the dismantling of rural public services and those that supported production and commercialization by small and medium producers; the fostering of highly capitalized and technophile agro-exportation; the push toward the liberalization of agricultural trade and toward policies of food security based on international commerce.

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Media Advisory: Right to Farm! Right to Feed! Right to Eat!

La Via Campesina International Conference on Pesant Rights Jakarta, Indonesia –

June 19-25, 2008

The international farmers' movement La Via Campesina and the Indonesian Peasant's Union (SPI) are inviting the media to cover the International Conference on Peasant's Rights that will be held in Jakarta from June 19 to 25, 2008. (YTKI building, Gatot Subroto n°44, Jakarta Selatan)
More than 50 farmers leaders, men and women from around the world will join hundreds of Indonesian farmers to debate and promote the right of small producers to farm, to eat and to feed their communities.

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