URGENT CALL: Solidarity with OAXACA, Mexico

Oaxaca, Mexico, is currently the target of massive state-led repression, in n attempt to exterminate the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca APPO), which is a legitimate movement composed of social organizations, peasants, indigenous people, trade unions, neighborhood organizations, and teachers, which demands the removal of Oaxaca state governor Ulises Ruiz, as well as a profound political reform and public policies that would favor sectors of society who have traditionally been excluded.

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MST's Jaime Amorim released!

[08/28/2006] Superior Justice Tribunal (STJ) decides in favor of Jaime Amorim

A short while ago, the Superior Justice Tribunal (STJ) announced its decision to revoke the preventative imprisonment of Jaime Amorim, of the MST’s National Coordinating Body, detained since last Monday. The decision by Minister Nilson Naves comes in response to the filing of habeas corpus by Amorim’s lawyers.

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MST asks for international support

Jaime Amorim, member of the MST's National Coordinating Body, is being detained by the authorities in Pernambuco (PE). On Monday, August 21st, Jaime was driving to the funeral of two murdered Landless Workers, both shot and killed by hired gunmen this past Sunday, when he was stopped and arrested by the police.

He is accused of disobedience, inciting a crime, assaulting an officer, and involvement in a November 2005 demonstration at the U.S. Embassy in Recife, with court authorities stating that Jaime must be detained, as he represents a, "risk to the peace and security of the good citizens [of Brazil]".

The MST has filed for habeas corpus and insists that the arrest of Jaime Amorim represents an attempt to "distort public opinion and deflect attention from the motives behind the murder of Landless Workers Josias Barros and Samuel Matias Barbosa, killed in an MST encampment [last Sunday]".

The MST has asked for support to secure the release of Jaime Amorim. As such, the Friends of the MST asks friends and allies to send the following letters to the designated authorities. The letters insist upon the immediate release of Mr. Amorim, stressing the numerous discrepancies in the accusations brought against him by the landowning elite and their allies in the courts.

Please take a moment to personalize, print and fax the following 2 letters (in Portuguese) to the appropriate authorities.

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La Via Campesina, FIAN and CETIM are asking the UN to give more attention to peasants' rights

Press Release

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Peasants all over the world are struggling for their lives. Many have died trying to defend their land and local knowledge. Others have been arrested, terrorized, tortured and even killed in their struggle for life. Some cases are still fresh in our minds: just last month Enrico Cabanit, Secretary General of UNORKA (peasant organization in the Philippines) was murdered; in November 2005 Jeon Yong – Cheol, a Korean farmer died as a result of police brutality during a rally against the liberalization of the rice market.

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