USA - Farm worker leader assasination

Letter of Vía Campesina North America

In the name of the member organizations of the La Vía Campesina North America, we send you a fraternal message of solidarity for the hideous assassination of Santiago Rafael Cruz, office manager of the FLOC in Monterrey, Nuevo León, and join together in the general demand for a quick and honest investigation to expose this terrible act and for the punishment of the true culprits.

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Long live the International Day of Migrants!

Fraternal message of solidarity form the Via Campesina to the migrants of the world - December 18, 2006
Migrant sisters and brothers:
La Via Campesina sends a fraternal greeting in solidarity with all the migrants of the world and to their organizations, with the motive of celebrating the International Day of the Migrants this 18th of December, 2006.
We remember with affection how, one year ago, in Hong Kong we marched together in opposition to neoliberalism, represented by the WTO and to demand the thorough respect of the right of migrants and their families.

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Join the border social organizations and the Border Social Forum!

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México

Punto y hora de reunión – Place and time:
Parque Borunda (Borunda Park), Avenida 16 de Septiembre (16 de Septiembre Avenue) 9 a.m.

NOTE: The Las Americas Avenue, the one after crossing the International Cordova Bridge (“the free bridge”) will take you directly to the 16 de Septiembre Avenue and to the park.

Para más información/more information: CTAF (the Farm Worker Center) (915) 532-0921 or Javier Perez (915) 875-5236.

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La Via Campesina in solidarity with US migrants and farm workers


During the last few weeks, thousands of migrants, mostly agricultural workers and day laborers, have mobilized to protest against the proposed anti-immigrant legislation that is being debated in the U.S. Congress.  High school and university students, labor unions, community organizations and religious groups have spontaneously joined these migrants in protests throughout the country.

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