A year for agricultural policy to radically support small-scale family and peasant farming

European Coordination Via Campesina Press Release on 2014 International Year of Family Farming

( 21 November 2013 -Brussels) This Friday 22nd November, the United Nations will be launching the International Year of Family Farming for 2014. Since 1993, the Via Campesina has been the only international organisation to daily defend small-scale family and peasant agriculture throughout the world; it does so with 160 organisations in 79 countries and over 200 million peasant farmer members, both men and women. In Europe, the European Coordiantion Via Campesina, - members of the LVC – are present in 18 European countreis, and federates peasants’ organisations and agricultural workers under the banner of food sovereignty and peasant agriculture, the very essence of family agriculture.

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African Farmers meet in Zimbabwe to give more strength to the struggle for seeds sovereignty

Media Advisory - La Via Campesina


Harare, 06 November 2013 – More than 40 farmers from several African countries, members of La Via Campesina, together with allies, will meet in Zimbabwe on 12-14 November 2013, to discuss the threats posed to smallholder farmers’ seed systems on the continent. In particular, it will discuss the changes to African seed laws, and responses to such threats. The seminar will be hosted by the Zimbabwe Organic Smallholder Farmers Forum (ZIMSOFF),an organisation member of La Via Campesina.

This conference will take place just a few weeks after the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) formalized an agreement for cooperation with La Via Campesina, acknowledging the essential role played by smallholder food producers in the world, including African small-scale farmers.

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Malawi: Small Scale Farmers and Rural Women Share Experiences in farmer-to-farmer exchange visit to defend food and seed sovereignty[1]

(Seeds of Malawian farmers)

Over 100 small-scale farmers and rural woman came together in Lilongwe during the August SADC Heads of States Summit as a regional collective of the People's Dialogue, the Rural Woman's Assembly and Via Campesina Africa to come up with alternatives and  practical solutions to end rural poverty and promote people-driven development in the Southern Africa Development Community region (SADC).  One of the key demands was the adoption of Food Sovereignty by our governments as a policy in all SADC countries, which means the right of countries to control what, how and where they produce, and to control the policies and programmes under which they produce.

Our governments have given up much of our food sovereignty when they signed free trade agreements with the European Union (EU) and the WorldTrade Organisation (WTO), thereby opening up our counties markets and export for the benefit of corporations and exporting countries both in the North and South.

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Mozambique : International conference on land and seeds

Photos from the Second International Conference on Land and seeds organized by the National Union of Peasants (União Nacional de Camponeses , UNAC), in Maputo on October 15 and 16, 2013

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