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17 April : Day of Peasant's Struggle

April 17: Farmers mobilise around the world against Free Trade Agreements and for food sovereignty

POSTER 2015 17 DE ABRIL INGLES  FINAL corregido - Cpia 2.pngPress Release—La Via Campesina

(Zimbabwe, Harare, April 17, 2015) Today thousands of women and men farmers of the international peasant movement La Via Campesina mobilize worldwide against Transnational Corporations (TNCs) and Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) which affect peasant and small-scale agriculture and national food sovereignty. Since April 17, 1996[1] La Via Campesina celebrates this day as a global day of action with allies and friends.

Free Trade Agreements promote TNCs and a capitalist industrialised mode of production heavily reliant on agrochemicals. These have increased the displacement, expulsion, and disappearance of peasants. Free Trade Agreements put profit over all other rights and concerns. Currently, the most significant FTAs in history are being negotiated by the European Union, the United States, and Canada. These agreements, if finalised, will liberalize trade and investment markets in favour of transnational companies (see

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Invitation to the international day of peasants struggle on 17 April

HNEE_Logo_engl_213.jpg(Germany, Eberswalde, April 15, 2015) La Via Campesina is the international movement which brings together millions of peasants, small and medium-size farmers, landless people, women farmers, indigenous people, migrants and agricultural workers from around the world. Every year on the 17 of April La Via Campesina calls out the international day of farmers struggle. On that day all around the world people are organizing actions and events to make the situation of peasants visible and highlight the important role of small scale farming and food sovereignty for a just society.

All around the world? Yes even in Eberswalde! On the 17.04.2015:

  • From 11 am - 1 pm an action at the market place will take place, with an exhibition and theatre, info stall and street art action. Come and join in the action!
  • From 7 pm on will be an evening event at the citycampus (house 1) with talk about La Via Campesina and other organizations which focus on food sovereignty.
  • From 7 pm on there will be "kitchen for all" with potatoes from a non-commercial agriculture project and vegan soyghurt. Also it 'll be appreciated if you want bring something for the buffet.
  • From 8 pm there will be a filmscreening of the documentary 'no land no food no live'

Come along and bring your

Download the PDF flyer here

17 April: Lobby Action tour on TTIP, Food and Farming

POSTER 2015 17 DE ABRIL INGLES  FINAL corregido - Cpia 2.png17 April: Lobby Action tour on TTIP, Food and Farming

- April 17 : Via Campesina International Day of Peasant Struggle

- April 18 : Global Day of Action against free trade agreements

As part of the global mobilisations on the impacts of “free” trade agreements such as TTIP, CETA and TPP, Via Campesina, the Alliance D19-20 and CEO invite you to join a lobby tour on Friday 17 April through the Brussels EU quarter. The tour will inform you about the impacts of TTIP and other free trade agreements on food, agriculture and farmers. We will visit various corporate lobby offices where they plan strategies for TTIP to benefit their businesses, and EU institution buildings where officials are preparing the next round of TTIP negotiations in the US (starting 20 April) to serve the corporations' interests.

A delegation of Via Campesina farmers from around Europe  and the USA will join the tour.

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On 17th April, We Struggle Against Transnational Companies and Free Trade Agreements

17 April 2015: International Day of Peasant and Farmer Struggle against Transnational Companies and Free Trade Agreements

POSTER 2015 17 DE ABRIL INGLES  FINAL corregido - Cpia 2.png(Zimbabwe, Harare, March 30, 2015) La Via Campesina declared April 17th as the International Day of Peasant Struggle in order to highlight the struggle and to denounce the criminalization of protests. Peasant and farmers are persecuted and suffer violence on a daily basis as a result of the actions of agribusiness and the implementation of neoliberal policies in the countryside. For the International Peasant and Farmer Movement, it is urgent to speed up the approval of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and other people living in rural areas. The Declaration will be a tool to support the struggle for life and dignity in the countryside. 

This April 17th 2015, La Via Campesina will focus its mobilizations on the impacts of Transnational Corporations and Free Trade Agreements on peasant and small-scale agriculture and national food sovereignty. We are calling for the further strengthening of social struggle and of the world-wide organization of peoples, in order to demand a genuine agrarian reform and to assert the ancestral right to lands and territories, a central element of Peasant Agriculture and Peoples' Food Sovereignty.

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April 17: Tanzania (Mororgoro) MVIWATA debates Land rights

Mviwata.jpg(Mororgoro, April 17, 2014 ) Ahead commemoration of the International Day of Peasants' Struggle, the National Network of Farmers in Tanzania (MVIWATA) organised a workshop on 16th March, 2014 in Mororgoro town, attended by 70 participants from different cadres. These categories include farmers from different 9 regions of Tanzania mainland whose villages were affected by large scale farming, Government officials, MVIWATA Partners, academicians/researchers  and members of the press.

Deputy Minister of Lands, housing and human settlement development Hon. George Simbachawene graced the event.

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April 17 : Australia (Toowomba) Field Visit to Symara Farm

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_australia1scaled.jpeg(Toowomba, April 17, 2014) The newly formed Family Farmers United Network (FFUN) held a field day at Symara Farm, owned by Ray and Sam Palmer.  This was the network's first event, and was a great success.  After introductions, the group was led by Ray and Sam and taken on a tour of their beautiful farm.  From a greenhouse filled with healthy tomato and cucumber plants, to fields of vegetables covered in cloth to protect them from frosts, to free range chickens for eggs and meat – the group listened intently to the information that Ray shared.   The more experienced farms offered suggestions and advice which was greatly appreciated by the whole group.

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April 17 : Palestine (Beit Al-Roush Al-Foka) UAWC Joins the World in the Defense of Local Seeds

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_stories_17april_palestine.jpg(Ramallah, April 17, 2014) - On the Day of Peasants’ Struggle (April 17th) the Palestinian peasants representing Via Campesina Palestine raise their voices to save the local seeds and abandon the genetically modified seeds in a small village in the city of Hebron named Beit Al-Roush Al-Foka in cooperation with the National Local Seed Bank initiated by the Union of Agricultural work committees’ (UAWC) which is the only seed bank in Palestine. The struggle of saving the local seeds is an international struggle in which all the farmers in La Via Campesina support to save the small-scaled farmers around the world and accomplish food sovereignty.

Palestine is considered one of the world’s largest users of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, according to World Health Organization (WHO) the Gaza strip had hundreds of tons of chemical fertilizers which causes health and environmental disasters. Moreover, in the last ten years the loss of the local Palestinian seeds has been noticed in addition to the purchasing of the local seeds by the GMO companies that increased the loss of local seeds and replaced them with GMO seeds.

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