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April 17th to put focus on farmers' struggle against TTIP and “free” trade agreements

Press Release, 16 April 2015

ecvc-ceo.jpgTo mark International Day of Farmer and Peasant Struggle tomorrow, farmers' movement Via Campesina, lobby watchdog Corporate Europe Observatory, and Belgian social alliance D19-20 areorganising a lobby tour around the Brussels EU district tohighlight the impact of trade agreements on small-scale agriculture.

Starting at 11.30, the tour will highlight how trade agreements such as TTIP, CETA and TPP put the rights of big business over all other concerns. We will visit various lobby offices and EU institutions where officials are preparing the next round of EU-US trade negotiations (starting 20 April in Washington DC).

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April 17: Farmers mobilise around the world against Free Trade Agreements and for food sovereignty

POSTER 2015 17 DE ABRIL INGLES  FINAL corregido - Cpia 2.pngPress Release—La Via Campesina

(Zimbabwe, Harare, April 17, 2015) Today thousands of women and men farmers of the international peasant movement La Via Campesina mobilize worldwide against Transnational Corporations (TNCs) and Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) which affect peasant and small-scale agriculture and national food sovereignty. Since April 17, 1996[1] La Via Campesina celebrates this day as a global day of action with allies and friends.

Free Trade Agreements promote TNCs and a capitalist industrialised mode of production heavily reliant on agrochemicals. These have increased the displacement, expulsion, and disappearance of peasants. Free Trade Agreements put profit over all other rights and concerns. Currently, the most significant FTAs in history are being negotiated by the European Union, the United States, and Canada. These agreements, if finalised, will liberalize trade and investment markets in favour of transnational companies (see

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Invitation to the international day of peasants struggle on 17 April

HNEE_Logo_engl_213.jpg(Germany, Eberswalde, April 15, 2015) La Via Campesina is the international movement which brings together millions of peasants, small and medium-size farmers, landless people, women farmers, indigenous people, migrants and agricultural workers from around the world. Every year on the 17 of April La Via Campesina calls out the international day of farmers struggle. On that day all around the world people are organizing actions and events to make the situation of peasants visible and highlight the important role of small scale farming and food sovereignty for a just society.

All around the world? Yes even in Eberswalde! On the 17.04.2015:

  • From 11 am - 1 pm an action at the market place will take place, with an exhibition and theatre, info stall and street art action. Come and join in the action!
  • From 7 pm on will be an evening event at the citycampus (house 1) with talk about La Via Campesina and other organizations which focus on food sovereignty.
  • From 7 pm on there will be "kitchen for all" with potatoes from a non-commercial agriculture project and vegan soyghurt. Also it 'll be appreciated if you want bring something for the buffet.
  • From 8 pm there will be a filmscreening of the documentary 'no land no food no live'

Come along and bring your

Download the PDF flyer here

17 April: Lobby Action tour on TTIP, Food and Farming

POSTER 2015 17 DE ABRIL INGLES  FINAL corregido - Cpia 2.png17 April: Lobby Action tour on TTIP, Food and Farming

- April 17 : Via Campesina International Day of Peasant Struggle

- April 18 : Global Day of Action against free trade agreements

As part of the global mobilisations on the impacts of “free” trade agreements such as TTIP, CETA and TPP, Via Campesina, the Alliance D19-20 and CEO invite you to join a lobby tour on Friday 17 April through the Brussels EU quarter. The tour will inform you about the impacts of TTIP and other free trade agreements on food, agriculture and farmers. We will visit various corporate lobby offices where they plan strategies for TTIP to benefit their businesses, and EU institution buildings where officials are preparing the next round of TTIP negotiations in the US (starting 20 April) to serve the corporations' interests.

A delegation of Via Campesina farmers from around Europe  and the USA will join the tour.

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