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Together we can cool the planet

poster-ENsc.jpg(Harare, October 1, 2015) Get ready to watch a short film about the food system and the climate crisis!

On October 16, World Day of Action for Food Sovereignty, Rosalía will tell us how “together we can cool the planet”! The connections between the agro-industrial food system and the climate crisis are explained in a video by the small farmers of the world, along with the solutions that we can build together to respond to this crisis. 

Click here to watch the trailer and spread the word!

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Rights of Peasants and Other Rural Workers: The Value Added of a UN Declaration

2015-09-21 Geneva side event.jpgSIDE EVENT

On the occasion of the 30th session of the Human Rights Council, the Europe-Third World Centre (CETIM), FIAN International and La Vía Campesina have the pleasure to invite you to a side event on: Rights of Peasants and Other Rural Workers: The Value Added of a UN Declaration

Monday 21 September, 2015, 13:00-15:00, at Palais des Nations, Room XI


H.E. Ms. Nardi Suxo Iturry, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Plurinational State of Bolivia and other International Organizations in Geneva

Mr. Ndiakhate Fall, National Council for Rural Dialogue and Cooperation (CNCR), Senegal

Ms. Geneviève Savigny, Peasant Confederation, France

Mr. Zainal Arifin Fuad, Serikat Petani, Indonesia

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Putting Agroecology on the Plate in the EU: Press Conference Invitation

logo-eurovia.pngInvitation to the Media (Download here the draft agenda of the public debate)

Press Conference: Putting Agroecology on the Plate in the EU: Joining food providers, the FAO and scientists in the global agroecology movement

WHERE: European Parliament Brussels, Anna Politkovskaya room

WHEN: Thursday, 17 September 2015, from 10:30 to 11:00


  1. Lidia Senra, MEP
  2. Jyoti Fernandes, ECVC coordination committee member
  3. Michel Pimbert, Agroecology Centre, Executive Director-Coventry University

 “We have built Agroecology through many initiatives and struggles…Policy makers cannot move forward on Agroecology without us… join us in the collective task of collectively constructing Agroecology as part of our popular struggles to build a better world, a world based on mutual respect, social justice, equity, solidarity and harmony with our Mother Earth.” – Declaration of the International Forum for Agroecology, Feb 27, 2015

Dear Media representatives,

Globally, agroecology is being taken up by food providers, social movement, scientists, institutions, and in policy as the most important pathway for healthy and just agriculture and food systems. Yet, agroecology is largely absent from agriculture and food policy at a European level.

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In memory of Lee, the struggle against the WTO continues

LVC Call to Action: WTO Ministerial 2015

Foto Lee.jpg(Harare, 10 September 2015) Today, as la Via Campesina, we celebrate International Day of Peasant Struggle Against the WTO, and remember the life and legacy of our brother and leader Mr. Lee Kyun Hae. A Korean farmer leader whose right to life with dignity was destroyed by the WTO, Mr. Lee sacrificed himself in 2003 to radically denounce those responsible for the disappearance of peasant economies around the globe. Now, in 2015, the World Trade Organization (WTO) is at it again. Promising to force through “all aspects of the Bali Package”, the multilateral killer of farmers will convene its 10th Ministerial Conference in Nairobi, Kenya from 15 to 18 December, 2015. Further liberalization of trade is not only on the agenda, it is the agenda, with corporate agribusiness looking to destroy the few public policies that still protect some national food systems.

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