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La Via Campesina in Milan: joining the peasant farmer's expo


La Via Campesina - MEDIA ADVISORY

(Brussels, 21st of May 2015) - The international peasant’s movement La Via Campesina will take part in People’s Expo in Milan, at the Fabbrica del Vapore, from the 3rd to the 5th of June 2015. The People’s Expo is the international forum of the civil society and farmers’ movements organised to defend the principles of Food Sovereignty and Environmental Justice, to fight against the commodification of the right to food promoted by Expo 2015 and to state aloud, once again, that it is the peasant agriculture that feeds the world, not the multinationals or the agribusiness.

La Via Campesina denounces the Milan Expo as a great "world showcase" that deliberately chose to hide one of the largest ongoing world conflict:  hunger, land and energy grabbing at a global level.

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On 17 April 2015, dairy intensification is not the way to a fair food future

April 17, 2015 (first published on

Community unites with farmers in resistance to dairy expansion in Bass Coast Shire

The proposed multi-million dollar expansion of Kernot Dairy, owned by the Chinese corporation Ningbo, is raising the ire of farmers and local residents in Gippsland on a day that commemorates the struggle of small farmers internationally.

The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) and Fair Food Farmers United (FFFU) are supporting the campaign against the expansion of the dairy in solidarity with the local community and the worldwide family farmers’ movement La Via Campesina, which celebrates the International Day of Peasant Struggle on April 17.

While Australian farmers and food workers do not experience the physical intimidation and violence that many small-scale farmers face world-wide, AFSA says they are subject to the same negative impacts of the increasing power of foreign multinational companies.

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Letter of Solidarity for Korean farmers struggle against the construction of golf course in Korea

2015-04-04 South Korea KPL.jpgSouth Korea, Wonju, April 20, 2015) La Via Campesina regional South East Asia and East Asia met with Korean Peasant League (KPL) and Korean Women Peasant Association (KWPA) members in Wonju, Gangwon Province, South Korea.

Gangwon Province contains some of the country’s most impressive mountain and national parks, including Sorak-san and Odae-san National Parks. The mountainous terrain also provides excellent slopes for several ski resorts and golf courses.

The construction of golf courses in this province has seized the land of the farmers; they have been fighting for almost 11 years to protect their land from the land grabbing carried out by Transnational Corporation. On august 29, 2014, sixteen people were expulsed from their farming land. People protested the construction of the golf courses by camping in front of the government office for 590 days and filed law suits but most of the struggles were not victorious.

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No to CETA, TTIP says La Via Campesina

Declaration by La Via Campesina North America and the European Coordination Via Campesina

April 30th, 2015

On both side of the Atlantic, peasants, farmers, farm and rural workers refuse free trade policies.

We maintain that CETA, the TTIP, TPP and related agreements are unnecessary for trade between countries, and that these agreements will limit the ability of elected governments to make laws, regulations, policies and programs in the interest of the public, farmers and our environment. While the trade-related aspects of these agreements will not benefit farmers, they will weaken important safeguards and institutions that each country’s citizens have created and which reflect important social values.

Trade agreements such as CETA, TPP and the TTIP increase corporations’ ability to control regulations for their own benefit. Trade agreement negotiators, meeting in strict secrecy promise benefits to farmers that are largely fictional. Increased exports do not increase farmer incomes, but instead lead to a race to the bottom in terms of prices paid to farmers and quality delivered to consumers. These proposed trade arrangements increasingly put farmers as well as food and farm workers in every country at the service of the multinational corporations that search the globe for lowest-cost commodities at the expense of the livelihood of farmers, migrant farm and rural workers, indigenous people, women and the poor, consumers’ health, social justice and ecological integrity.

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